Structural Steel Detailing - Bratton Steel

At Bratton Steel, we pride ourselves on our reputation and years of experience dealing with builders, contractors, and building owners in every part of the building process. Our team is experienced in the process of steel detailing and can help you and your team with any information or guidance needed for nearly any steel-based project. Our detailers have adopted Bratton Steel’s philosophy, of being truly committed to the best quality of work, customer service, and maintaining schedules on time with the ultimate goal to complete the project under budget.

Quality Control of detailing is reinforced by assuring all detailers are continually being trained in the latest technologies, software, codes (A.I.S.C, A.W.S, A.S.T.M, etc.). All of our detailers are fully integrated with Building Information Modeling systems.Our expertise has helped us complete countless projects for a variety of industries.